Friday, July 30, 2010

Taking the Coorong Road

Dang... I wrote a great post here, but it all disappeared when I uploaded it! Ok, I'll just sum up:

After leaving Alvie I trundled down towards Warrnambool then to Mt Gambier. Used some free Maccas Wi-Fi to Skype home, then went off in search of a quiet place to spend the night. Melbourne to Adelaide is really only a one day trip, but I like to take it slow and have a sleep along the way. Zeke & I ended up finding a neat roadside rest spot just past Mt Gambier, plenty of space to get off the road and park in one of a few little cutaways in the scrub.

This morning we got up a little after sunrise and pushed on. We stopped at the surf beach just outside of Beachport for Zeke to have a good old run around. As much as he loves chilling out and watching the scenery go by, we loves to get out and stretch his legs whenever there's an open space.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, we stopped at Kingston to make breakfast and uncover another couple of caches. The Coorong road is good fun, if not a little strange. it's lined with odd looking trees with one side completely flat, like someone's driven along with a hedge cutter... except they're a good couple meters back from the road. We had good fun driving along, trying to spot Mr Percible and imagining filming our own version of Alby Mangles adventures in there!

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