Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi there, my name's Steve, and I love exploring!

I'm not a crazy, pack twelve camels and get government funding kind of explorer, I'm just your humble old, 'I wonder what's over the next hill?" kind of explorer, and that suits me just fine.

I grew up in the country in South Australia on a small sheep farm, so there was always plenty of exploring to do.  I explored all sorts of places, on all manner of expeditions, there was a gully on our property that used to be a rubbish tip  for all the surrounding area.  Once I found an Underwood, and used it as a weight to keep the yabbie nets down in the dam... If only I'd known!  Our property backed on to a dairy farm, which backed on to a forest, so I explored the dairy farms old gold mines and the surrounding forest on horseback. There was a river that passed through all of the local towns, which I explored on a tractor tyre tube one summer... and had to borrow some change to phone Mum to pick me up... three towns away...

These days though, it's a different story.  I'm living in Melbourne, surrounded by concrete paths, apartment blocks and the occasional park with possums you're not allowed to touch, because they've got HIV, apparently.  So I make it my mission to keep my inner explorer alive, every chance I get Zeke (my faithful hound) and I pack ourselves into Big Red (our trusty transport) and head out into the wild unkown.

Here in this blog you will find tales of our journeys, our plans for journeys, our dreams of journeys, our preparation for journeys, all of it!  I'm not a professional writer (as you'll soon be able to tell!), I just love telling a story.  Enjoy!

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