Monday, March 23, 2009


Welcome to Big Red Adventures! Yes, I know the URL says "Adventure"... as in, one... but hey, isn't life really just one big adventure?

Some time ago I was chatting with some old family friends about how I hadn't explored much of this huge and amazing country we live in. Sure, I travelled a bit, loved the bush and the beach and made a fair effort to spend as much time near one of the two as possible, but, I felt like I hadn't really discovered anything. Most times I went to the same old places, maybe the occasional new camp spot if I was travelling with someone who had been there before, but never any real adventures.

In chatting with these folks I got inspired (thanks Chris & Pauline!). They took me for a drive around some forgotten little towns in the Victorian country side and I could feel an adventurous little kid starting to stir inside. Remember that excitement you used to get when you were heading somewhere brand new, and you weren't sure what to expect? That anxious, giant butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling when you where about to attempt something that you weren't entirely convinced you could pull off? You know, the first time you jumped off the cubby house with the tarzaan swing clenched tightly between your thighs? The first time you got to the top of the ladder and stared down from the giant bumpy slide? Or, heading down a narrow, overgrown track, unsure whether it lead to a secret clearing... or a steep descent into a boggy marsh... And then, the sense of invincibility when you swung down, and didn't die? Got out of the hessian sack at the bottom of the slide with your lunch still safely inside you? Or the sense of triumph and awe when you finally break into a beautiful clearing with an amazing view, and it seems like you're the first person to ever discover it? Well, I remember all of those feelings, and as much as they may have scared me stupid, I never regretted taking the plunge and pushing myself to step off into the world of adventure! It was at that point, having re-remembered ll these feelings that I decided to start my "Big Red Adventures".

Since then I've taken some pretty good trips, just meandered about and found some cool little spots tucked away, however, my documenting skills leave a lot to be desired. The purpose of this blog is not so much to become the next "Getaway" show, but more for me to have a sense of purpose about my adventures. To have somewhere I can talk about the thought processes surrounding an upcoming trip, what preparation I need to make, what I've learned from my last trip etc.

So there you have a general gist as to what I'm getting at here. I'm by no means a professional, or even well seasoned traveler, I'm just a regular guy with a dog and a big red car (yes, there is a reason they're called "Big Red" adventures) who loves to explore, and learn along the way. I think this blog will be as much about the thoughts and feelings that go on behind a trip as it will be about the new dahl recipe I'm trying, or how my next tarp will be a couple feet longer.


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