Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time for a break!

I've been working hard here at Mum's for the past week and a half, I'm pretty happy with the work I've managed to get done so far, so I think I deserve a little break. Surprisingly, here in the beautiful Barossa Valley, I only pulled my camera out for the first time this afternoon when I took a quick drive down to a nearby river crossing that has a nice, 'outback-ey' feel to it. I only shot one sheet, but at the very least, it started to get me feeling a little artistic again.

So, after I mould-proof the half of the deck that I've pressure cleaned (yes, 'half', it's a big deck!) I'm going to leave my right hand man here with his Grandma and head to Moonta Bay. I've got an Aunt living up there, so I'll pop in and say G'day to her then head off to find a good spot on the beach to camp. I just hope I can manage to get up before dawn to catch some of the nice light. I'm pretty stuffed, and I always seem to sleep so well in Red, much better than in a 'real' bed, so hopefully I'll manage to get up early!

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