Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alvie - Home of the volcano

I actually only found out about this little town a few weeks ago when visiting our friends up in Landsborough. Chris told me about this cute little town with an amazing lookout that overlooked little water-holes which are, in fact, old volcanic craters! Wow! I (like probably every other kid) have had a fascination with volcanoes since primary school science, so a 12Km detour off the main road was absolutely nothing to go check this out. Sadly though, I was a bit disappointed. It's my own fault, I let my imagination run away and picture an amazing landscape with pock-marked paddocks for as far as the eye can see... when in reality, there was only a couple craters. Don't get me wrong, they still make for a very interesting site, and if you sit there and use your imagination, you can really get a feel for what the place was once like.

It's still a cool place to visit, up there on Red Rock Lookout, just not what my overactive imagination had built it up to be! Oh well, back to the road...

ps, We indulge ourselves in a little Geocaching now and then, and we've been having a bit of a run of bad luck lately. One good thing I can say about Alvie, that dry spell is over!

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