Monday, September 21, 2009

What a start to a trip!

¨Well I'm on the road again, and what a start to a trip! I had planned to leave early Sunday morning (the 20th), but Saturday nights pizza had a different agenda!

After spending a mad afternoon organising Big Red, packing my gear and finishing off a couple last-minute jobs for people, the plan was to spend a quiet evening with my girlfriend over dinner and movie. We thought we'd be all class and get pizzas. Well, something on one of those fancy pizzas didn't agree with me and I was up all night enjoying them again and again (hey, there's nothing quite like getting your moneys worth!), then slept all of Sunday barely able to move. Long story short, I am now up and away, albeit a day late, but still, after the mad rush of Saturday, it was actually nice to be able to spend a relaxing day doing nothing before I left, even if it was just because I wasn't able to do anything!

On the way to Adelaide, severe weather warnings started coming through on the radio, they made it sound like I was driving into a hurricane... At least I'd managed to fix the wipers before leaving! Not to worry though, turns out that it was Leonard Cohen's birthday, so the radio was having a bit of a special which meant I got some great music to sing along to.

Out of Murray Bridge and climbing the hills was the usual uneventful leg, apart from playing 'tag' with a truck as we rollercoastered up (my chance to catch him) and down (boy can those things move when they've got gravity on their side!) the hills. Over the last hill a heavy fog descended making it slow going from there, all the way down to the city.

We arrived safely at Dad's place welcomed by hot soup and gale-force winds!

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