Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day two, the storms continue!

After a bit of a slow start again this morning I was off heading to meet Danny at Woomera, it would have been a nice drive were it not for a) lots of roadworks along Pt Wakefield Hwy, and b) THIS FREAKIN WIND THAT JUST WON'T LET UP!!! I swear my fuel economy was nearly about half what it normally is, and it took me easily an hour longer than I had anticipated to get to Woomera.

I stopped off at one point along the way to try and find a geocache I had plugged into my GPS that morning. When I pulled off the road and headed along the little track I soon realised that the thick, red soil had been turned into a deep, dirty orange mush by the storms. When my GPS pointed me to head one more kilometer up a particularly squelchy looking bit of track, I thought since it was getting late anyway, it was probably time to get back to the road and just continue on my way.

While I was pulled up however, there was a brief break in the clouds, so I was able to get a quick snap of the railway that winds through the outback. I'm not sure what line it is, the one that The Ghan takes maybe? I think it's written on one of my maps, will have to check that... it's funny though, scene's like this make me think of the American mid-west, I think that just goes to show how much TV has Americanised us and we don't realise how great and varied our own country is! There is SO much out here, just the journey getting to our destination is amazing, there is always something to look at and go "Woooow!".

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