Thursday, August 13, 2009

Classic Pubs

So I had a thought. I had it quite a while ago actually. I had thought it would be neat to do a photographic study on all of the old pubs around Melbourne, since a lot of them are being torn down to make way for gaudy apartments. At the time I was playing at a lot of these historic (but dilapidated) venues that have such a rich lineage. It's a real shame to see that history get torn down without a second thought.

That got me thinking a little further abroad: Why don't I look into old pubs that are full of history, but are NOT in danger of being torn down, ie, they're the only pub for a few hundred K's in any direction! Ok, so maybe not always that extreme, but I'm going to make a bit of an effort to document some of the great pubs I come across in my travels, starting here, with the Largs Pier Hotel in Largs Bay, South Australia. Just a short stroll from my Dad's place. Cold beer, GREAT meals, and very reasonable rooms... not to mention some fantastic history.

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