Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A change of plans

Due to some drama's with getting their house ready in time for their wedding, my brother and his fiance` have pushed their wedding back to late November. At first I was a little peeved because I'd booked long service leave from work to have a month off over that time and make a real trip out of it. After a couple cups of tea I calmed down and realised...

Why don't I make an even BETTER trip out of it!

When I got back from my last trip to the Flinders Ranges I had thought it would be great to go back in Spring, when the air is clearer to make for some great photography. I had also wanted to get up to the Painted Desert but two weeks just wasn't long enough.

The map attached here is just a rough plan at this stage, it also includes stopping through Patchewollock on the way up, a little town I've wanted to visit for a long time (originally just because of the name, but now I have a friend whose Grandparents live there). The itinerary needs a little refining, but my basic hazy thought (bearing in mind I haven't mentioned this to any of the other people involved yet!) is to head to Coober Pedy and meet up with Danny, my Mums partner. Although still living in the Barossa, they spent a while up here and absolutely loved it, so Danny is keen to introduce me to the locals and show me some of the sights. All going well, when we part ways after a couple nights Zeke will head to the Barossa with Danny while I head Northwards towards Oodnadatta, and possibly beyond. I know Zeke would hate the heat up there, but loves Mums place, so I figure he'd be happier running amock in their paddocks than sitting on a shadeless sandhill with me!

Spending a month heading in this direction, rather than up to Noosa (where by brother lives) has brought up a few different challenges I'll need to devote some time to, so keep an eye out in the
Prep & Mods page for some of my ideas on water storage and a few other necessary changes.

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