Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell Me Where To Go!

I'm starting to plan my next trip, and I'd love some input. The plan so far looks like this: We'll hit the road September 19th (or shortly after), need to be around Noosa for my brothers wedding on October 4th, then trudging back home to Melbourne by the 18th October.

I'd love to have some input on what to see, where to go etc. The main focus of the trip will be photography, and general exploring. Is there something you've always wanted to see, but never been able to get there? A mysterious place you've heard about and want me to track it down, investigate and report back for you? I'm open to any and all requests no matter how big or small. So, hit me with some ideas!


Edit: Okay, there's been a change of plans! The month long road trip is still on, but without the need to be in Noosa right in the middle! Still open to suggestions!

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