Saturday, October 3, 2009


So far on this trip I've been on the move all the time, heading for a different spot every day, so I feel like I haven't really settled down anywhere and set up a good base camp. However, I've just come back to "Mainwater Well" in the Gammon Ranges, I'm planning on staying here for a few days, or more.

I stayed here the night before last, unintentionally though. I spent the night before at a little spot just inside the ranges, planning to spend the next day exploring some of the camp sites. I had come down this way with the intention of following the track straight past Mainwater Well, out through a sheep station and back on to the main road to Leigh Creek to get some supplies. It was late in the day, so I would have gotten to town just in time to book in to the camp grounds and put a load of washing on, except, the owner of the sheep station had fenced off the gate. Completely within his rights, I know, but it was a little annoying. I followed the fence line up and down a few hundred metres looking for a way through, but figured I'd be best going back to Mainwater (yes, past the creepy looking ghost homestead!), light a fire and go back to town in the morning.

The next day, I did just that. I took the other half of the 4WD loop track back to the main road through the ranges, popped up to Arkaringa to fill up (and endure some tourists with more dollars than sense) before heading back to Leigh Creek, where I filled up my water, bought some groceries, posted a letter back home and booked myself into the camp site to put a load of washing on and have a hot shower.

So now I'm back, my clothes box is smelling fresh, I'm smelling fresh, my pantry is overflowing and I'm ready to settle in.

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