Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Pitstop!

Well I survived the run yesterday, and got not-too-shabby time either (see, told you it wasn't all fun and games), someone must have read my thoughts on the course going THROUGH pubs though... a bloke I know (a personal trainer no less!) stopped off at Young & Jackson on the corner of Flinders & Swanston street, siddled up to the front bar and ordered a pint! The barkeep asked him how the race went, to which he replied "Dunno mate, I still got a K an' a half to go". With that he downed his beer on sped back out the door. Yes, I was present to see the sorry man cross the finish line. No, I will not be adopting his race technique!

Ok, back to travel stuff. With Zeke back from the vet and looking very fetching indeed, it's time to get serious about this packing business. I HAD planned to pick him up and continue on out of town from there, but there is still so much to do! I always seem to get really anxious at the outset of any trip. I get really worried that things aren't packed in the most practical or efficient way or that things aren't in the easiest of places to access. I forget that after your first night or so, everything just seems to find its own place and things of necessity somehow rise to the top while luxury and other non-necessities somehow magically sink to a hidden, yet still accessible hidey hole somewhere below.

In the end I adopt my usual packing technique, food behind the passengers seat, clothes behind mine. Cooking gear at the back with extra water containers an guitar runing down the left side of the car, leaving my beg (on the right) free to throw "possibly might need in a hurry" items such as a raincoat and camera bag. Those couple things are easy enough to throw into the front if we need to pull up somewhere for a night. Oh, and maps and notebooks go on the floor in front of the passenger seat (along with Zeke's nifty new, anti-spill travel water bowl), only small things that are easy to throw in the back when I FINALLY run across that gorgeous Swedish hitchiker.

So, last pitstop before we hit the road. my legs are sore...

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