Friday, April 3, 2009

No time to kick back, we've got a trip to plan!

Okay, time for another adventure, I've got two weeks to play with, and feel like exploring my roots a little. Of course, that means heading to the outback, so first thing's first, I'd better get Zeke a haircut, or he isn't going to cope with the heat up there... not to mention the prickles!

Other than Zeke needing a trim, we're pretty much all set. Red got back from the guys at Guest 4WD with brand new Koni's and springs all round, so there's no question about HIM being ready! Me on the other hand, well, the 'Run For The Kids' fun run is the day before we head off, in fact, it's the reason we're not hitting the road two days earlier!

For those who don't know, the Run For The Kids is a wonderful fundraising event which is an absolute joy and pleasure to be a part of... yeah right! It's 14 hellish K's of city running, through tunnels, over bridges and past pubs (that's gotta be the hardest part, PAST pubs, if only they could organise it to go THROUGH pubs!). People say: "Oh, it's not competitive, I don't care about my time, we're doing it for the kids" but sure enough, they'll still come up to you afterwards wanting to know your time, your splits, your this and your thats... All I'm thinking about, is not how I'm going to go in the race, but how my legs are going to cope with a long distance drive the next day!

I still feel a little disorganised with my camping gear spread all over the place, but I keep reminding myself that it's not like I'm going to the moon for three years. There isn't anything that I absolutely can't live without, and if I do happen to forget some necesity, it's not like Adelaide really is the backwater that some politicians have claimed it to be, I can always pick up gear along the way.

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