Friday, September 25, 2009

Coober Pedy

This photo is of you-know-who looking out over a section of "The Breakaways", an amazing area just out of Coober Pedy with incredible views of some very strange looking natural rock formations in every direction. This was our last stop for the day after having a good tour around town, seeing all the sites including some very interesting dugout houses, and an underground Croatian church (what?!).
In our travels we came across an eccentric old man living on top of a hill next to "The Big Winch" overlooking town. He had the best, biggest, weirdest collection of junk I have ever seen! He also had his own little mine, a tunnel about one meter wide going straight down. He had a swing seat attached to an old electric winch that he got his wife to lower him down on (reminds me of the old guy from The Never Ending Story... "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!"). What a crazy old fella! I bought a souvenir piece of rock from him just because he was so much fun to chat withand had some really kooky things, like (according to him) the original Watergate confession by Nixon, on an old audio reel, nailed to the side of his shed! Conspiracy theorist? I'll let you decide for yourself!
After watching the sunset at The Breakaways it we headed back to the creek wh camped at the night before. I'm still sitting there now as I write this, sort of deciding where to go from here. I'm going to head towards Oodnadatta to go out to Mt Arkaringa (and maybe find a shower!), I think I might head off today, but we'll see, there must be a couple cups of tea between now and then anyway. The hardest thing (and probably what's stopping me from packing nd heading off right now) is that I'll be leaving Zeke here with Danny and won't see him until I get back to the Barossa Valley in a couple weeks, I'm going to miss him SO much!!! This is because I'm sure it'll be a little warmer further North, and I'm also planning on going through a couple National Parks, which, of course, don't allow dogs, what a shame! Danny and Zeke get on really well, they both like just sitting around, taking the occasional stroll, then sitting down again. When I went to the Flinders Ranges Zeke stayed with Mum and Danny for a week and a half and had an absolute blast. I guess I'm just a little more worried about him out here, he really doesn't like the heat! Although it hasn't been too hot yet, I think after the coming cooler days there's going to be a warm one, so I just hope they can find a big shady tree somewhere.
Well, if I do head off today, I don't know when I'll come near an internet connection again, but I'll still make an effort to write the odd bit and upload them when I can.

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