Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finding Inspiration In A Small Town

I have just come back from a wonderful weekend away. I went to visit friends out in Landsborough, in Western Victoria.

It was a very inspiring visit, these are two very intelligent people who have studied many different aspects of psychology, as well as being very 'green' in their lifestyle, making for some very weighty, yet enlightening conversations. One of them is also an artist, so we stayed up late having some very inspiring chats.

On Sunday I was taken on a bit of a tour of the area. It was so nice to sit back and be a passenger for once and just be shown the sights, rather than searching them out! Naturally, on our way out I grabbed our little etrex out of Big Red so I could review the tour later because I knew I'd be shown some notable spots that I'll want to return to later.

One of those spots was Camerons Track campground up in the Pyrenees Ranges, a nicely established spot with some good views and some decent looking walking tracks. I'll be stopping back there to camp one day soon and will write a proper report on the area.

Hopefully Big Red Adventures will be going through a bit of a setup and refining process soon, as I slowly work out ways to streamline the page, and my writing! I definitely found inspiration in this small town, and will be making a real effort to get this blog running the way I'd like, with a whole lot more reader interaction and other great things to get excited about. I'll keep you posted!

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