Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Excuse me, can I get a glass of water?

What an amazing sight! "Green Lake" (neither word holding true to what is actually there!) is in Dukes HWY, the main drag between Melbourne and Adelaide. I've wizzed past here so many times and thought "Man, that's crazy, gotta stop there one day". Well, by pure chance (fete, serendipity, little green men, call it what you will) I happened to stop there for a nap.

I bought the biggest coffee available at McDonalds last night, but it must have been decafe, because we didn't get far down the road (in fact, only one story from Pseudopod down the road, by the way, horror stories, empty road, dry lakes with abandoned lifeguard towers... not a good idea) before I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

I guided Big Red in to the next powernap area we came to hoping to get a couple hours of quality shut-eye before pushing on and making Ma's place in time for breakfast. If you're traveling this road and feel like you need a proper sleep, not just a neck-craning, back-arching power nap in the drivers seat, then I have to recommend this area. If you go a little further in from the big truck bays, there's a neat little area on top of a crest with tables and a loo, but then go a little further and you go over the top of the crest and there are decent sized parking bays amongst pine trees, overlooking the 'lake'. It wasn't until we explored over the hill that I realised where we were. That's when I made the executive decision that, well, maybe I really should have a decent sleep. Nah, really I just wanted to hang around 'till the sun came up so I could get some photo's of this amazing sight that I've driven past so many times!

What can I say, call it a dustbowl if you like, but this truly is an amazing country we live in!

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